Ehsaas Akhuwat Interest Free Loan Scheme

Akhuwat Loan Scheme 2023 registration has begun. Find out Akhuwat Loan Application status online. The history and function of Akhuwat Loans At Akhuwat the main focus and aim is to eliminate the problem from poverty within Pakistan as well as this is why the Akhuwat loan scheme 2023 has been put in place to assist people who are in need. The principal goal is to aid those who are less fortunate in the Muslim community. The Akhuwat the loan scheme for 2023 applications and download here. Check Akhuwat loan scheme 2023 in urdu. This provides an online loan to non-profit organizations or registration for 2023. The government has announced the Mera Pakistan only Ghar program for 2023. We’ve handed out 2.7 million clothing items and books, as well as thousands of other essential items. Akhuwat UK operates in the UK, US, and Pakistan to eradicate the cycle of poverty.

Akhuwat loans are backed through the National bank and the Punjab bank. If you choose the bank, then select national or Punjab in rural areas. You must select the NRSP program, and for Urban select the Akhuwat Microfinance Bank.

This article will explain the basics and overview about the Akhuwat Foundation as well as the eligibility criteria, amount of loan and registration process, the required documents, etc. Akhuwat Foundation is a widespread network that spans across Pakistan founded in 1984. Since 2001, Akhuwat Foundation was regular working to aid those who are Needy and Poor People and providing them with a no-interest emergency loan.

In the following years Akhuwat’s microfinance model of choice was Qarz-a Hasan. a Qur’anic word which literally means “a beautiful loan.”

Eligibility Requirements for Akhuwat Loans

The applicant must meet these requirements in order to be eligible for an loan:

  • Original CNICs should be supplied by the person applying.
  • To be eligible, the person applying must be between 18 to 35. (18 to 62 Years)
  • To be considered eligible, an applicant must be a part of the local economy.
  • Any offence which the applicant may have engaged in is not admissible.
  • Candidates have a good moral standing and have a solid moral character.
  • Even in the event that the guarantee is member of the family of the applicant the applicant must present two guarantors.
  • In order to qualify to be eligible, the home of the applicant must be within the 2-2.5-kilometer distance of an office in the department.

The Akhuwat loan qualification requirements could be changed at any time.

Loan Products Offered

There are a variety of products through AIM. AIM offers loans with no interest specifically designed to meet particular requirements of the customer. These are the products that are described below:


  • Family Enterprise Loan
  • Agriculture Loan
  • Liberation Loan
  • Housing Loan
  • Education Loan
  • Health Loan
  • Marriage Loan
  • Emergency Loan

Www.Akhuwat.Org.Pk Application Form 2023

If you’re looking for Akhuwat Fellowship 2023 Application Form You’ve come to the right site. If you’re interested in the program, then this is the time to apply.

Akhuwat loan application form online

Application Submission

The loan process begins by submitting an application. The fee for application can vary between schemes. The manager of the unit will review the application using the eligibility requirements. This means that these loans will be granted through collateral from social institutions. The steps that follow are to be followed during application submission.

  • The applicant should visit the their nearest AIM branch with required evidence (mentioned below) to submit the loan application.
  • The manager of the unit will talk with the applicant to assess whether the applicant meets the eligibility requirements of the scheme.
  • Candidates are required to fill out a loan application using a the prescribed form. The loan application will be sent and signed by AIM staff at the branch office.
  • The manager of the unit will review the documents and applications will be processed following the submission of all required documents.

Here are the specifics of collaterals that can be used to obtain loans:

  1. Personal responsibility
  2. Two guarantors
  3. Postdated cheques
  4. Any additional collateral in special case.

Ehsaas Akhuwat Interest Free Loan Scheme Registration Online

Ehsaas Akhuwat Interest Free Loan Scheme

Akhuwat loan calculator

Loan Type Rupee Range in PKR Duration Application Fee in PKR
Family Enterprise 10,00 to  50,000 10 to 36 Months 200
Agriculture 10,000 to  50,000 04 to 08 Months Not
Liberation Loan 10,000 to  100,000 10 to 36 Months 200
Akhuwat Housing Loan 30,000 to  100,000 Up to 36 Months 200
Education 10,000 to  50,000 10 to 24 Months 200
Health 10,000 to  50,000 10 to 24 Months 200
Marriage 10,000 to  50,000 10 to 24 Months 200
Emergency 10,000 to  50,000 10 to 24 Months 200
Equipment and build the School 25,000 to  150,000 Up to 36 Months 200

Akhuwat Loan Scheme

The scheme will provide poor and worthy families will be provided aid in accordance with Shariah-compliant products. The amount can be as high as PKR 550,000/through Akhuwat Islamic Microfinance (AIM). The scheme was specifically designed to aid those struggling economically and socially.

Akhuwat Loan Scheme 2023 Online Apply

It’s easy applying for Akhuwat Loan in Pakistan. The applicants are able to apply online for the Akhuwat Home Loan Scheme 2023 through the link Candidates must be aware of the terms and conditions before filling out the application form for Akhuwat Loan Scheme 2023. Akhuwat is the biggest foundation operating since 1984 across Pakistan. Its main goal is to eliminate poverty in Pakistan and help the most vulnerable families. Nearly Akhuwat Foundation sub-offices exist in every tehsil within Pakistan.

Akhuwat Loan Details

Loan repayment

The pay-out will take place each month, and the credits will be distributed in a ceremony typically held in a mosque or a church. For individuals lending, the borrower should be joined by at minimum one of the Guarantors. For collective lending, each of the members must be present at moment of the loan’s disbursement.

The following are some of the points related to the loan repayment event:

Everyone must be present at the time of payment. If the borrower is absent the loan cannot be made and it could be cancelled.

  • All borrowers must bring their original CNIC for repayment.
  • The borrower will receive a check for the amount of loan they have authorized.
  • The confirmation of checks will be received from every borrower.
  • The Regional Manager will be in charge of the payment of funds.

Social leadership

Social leadership is also taught in parallel with the disbursement process is also instructed. The capability of the borrowers will be boosted to complete their tasks more efficiently and efficiently, primarily in accordance with Islamic or ethical standards.

Social agenda items include:

  • Emphasis on girls’ education
  • Service to the community as a whole
  • Protecting and improving the environment
  • Importance of a plantation
  • Compliance with traffic rules and local laws
  • Following the highest ethical values ??in business

Recovery and follow-up

When the loan is approved The manager of the unit monitors the client’s progress by frequently going to his home and workplace. The loan repayment has to be paid to the branch by 7th of the month. If the repayment is not made by the 10th day, the manager of the unit visits the customer to remind them, and if the payment is not paid then the guarantors are informed and asked to pay.

Request for Funds and Head Office

When loans are accepted from the Loan Approval Committee (LAC) The required amount of funds are requested from the head office by Regional Manager. The head office will take the steps necessary in order to transfer the funds into the appropriate bank account to allow for the disbursement. The accountant in the area was informed when the money was transferred into their account at the bank. The district accountant is responsible for preparing checks to be paid by approved applicants.

Akhuwat loan Contact Number


Akhuwat Fund Will Provide People With Interest-Free Loans For Construction Of Houses?  

Yes, offer home building loans to those who don’t have money to construct their own home, and have a lower income.

How Much Lakh Will Be Loaned To The Akhuwat Fund?  

They offer loans of up to Rs. 500 million to build a home. If you’re in need of less money to build a house, you can get a loan as much as Rs. Apply now however you won’t be able to receive it at the station, however it is likely that the Akhuwat Foundation will accept you.

What Is Your Monthly Income To Receive A Loan From The Akhuwat Fund?  

There is also the fact that your income per month must be at the minimum of 10000 rupees.

What Is The Commission For Processing A Loan Application From The Akhuwat Foundation?

No Application Processing Fee are not paid a single rupee processing fee. The application process is completely free. The applicant must visit their office and, at the office, you’ll receive a form on which you can appeal. be sure to submit it as soon as possible.

How Many Plots Of Marl Should I Have To Build A House From The Akhuwat Foundation?

You can get it with a house worth at minimum five marlas. The number you gave should be around 360. If you are able to apply within the scope of 360, we’ll investigate you. You will have your character established–the location where your boss is.

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