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Ehsaas Emergency Cash 14000 Program 2023-24 Registration Online

The Ehsaas Emergency Cash 14000 Program 2023-24 Registration Online is efficiently operating to swiftly deliver a payment of Rs. 14,000 to impoverished and deserving families in Pakistan. Under the Prime Minister’s Ehsaas Cash program, a substantial sum of Rs. 25,000 will be distributed among 1.2 million qualifying families.

A comprehensive guide on how to apply for Ehsaas online registration within the parameters of the 8171 Ehsaas program eligibility criteria is provided. Step-by-step instructions are available for tracking the application status. Eligible candidates will receive the Ehsaas Emergency cash amount, with online confirmation of eligibility through CNIC verification. The program has initiated its second phase, disbursing Rs. 25,000 to eligible families in successive installments from July to August 2023.

Check Eligibility | Emergency Cash 14000 Program 2023-24

In Pakistan, there are two ways (SMS and online) to determine eligibility for the Ehsaas program. Initially, ascertain eligibility for the Ehsaas 8171 Web portal using the “SMS” method, rather than the “Online Portal.”

Ehsaas Emergency Cash Check via SMS

Do not use hyphens in the CNIC number.
Send an SMS to 8171 with this number.
You will then be given a compliance report.
If you know the answer, you’ll know if you can obtain money or not.

Ehsaas  Cash 14000 Check through the online portal

The Ehsaas Tracking 8171 portal may be accessed.
Submit the CNIC or form number.
Enter your SIM card information now.
The “Malum Karen” link will reveal your financial situation.

Ehsaas Emergency Cash 14000 Program 2023-24 Registration Online

Ehsaas Emergency Cash 14000 Program 2023-24 Registration Online

The criteria of Ehsaas Emergency Cash 14000 Program 2023-24 Registration Online

To be qualified for registration in the ehsaas emergency cash programme, one must meet the following requirements:

The federal government and provincial employees are not eligible
All provinces are included in the programme, including AJK and Gilgit Baltistan.
Beneficiaries of the Ehsaas Kafala programme who got 14,000 rupees.
The total budget for all IHSAS programmes in 2023 has already been established by NFC.
The Ehsaas cash programme is also funded by the provincial government.
Punjab and Sindh will each donate 7 million rupees to the needy.
Additionally, some provinces are paying themselves.

Which banks are involved in this program to Provide Cash Amounts?

The State Bank of Pakistan has integrated leading banks, including NBP, HBL, UBL, along with digital financial services like Jazz Cash and Easy Paisa, into the Ehsaas Program. As part of a government system upgrade, registered beneficiaries can now conveniently receive online payment transfers directly into their accounts through these

How to Apply for ehsaas emergency Program

The Ehsaas Cash Program’s SMS services for applications are currently operational.
  • To apply, send your CNIC Number without dashes to 8171 or visit
  • It’s essential to have a valid ID card; if not, renewal is required before applying.
  • Upon sending your ID card number to 8171, you’ll receive eligibility confirmation.
  • Completing the survey is a prerequisite, as eligibility hinges on being part of the NSER survey Database.
  • Ensure your CNIC record is included in the survey; click the provided link to complete your survey at

Ehsaas Emergency Cash 14000 Program 2023-24 For Disabled Person

Ownership of property and a bank balance disqualify disabled individuals from eligibility, despite their disability status. The program includes a designated quota for disabled persons, but only those meeting specific selection criteria will qualify. It’s important to note that application submissions trigger verification of details using NADRA records by the program’s management. This initiative primarily targets impoverished individuals and those who faced job losses due to the COVID pandemic.

Once you’ve successfully enrolled in the Ehsaas program, it’s time to visit the designated registration center to claim your 14000 rupees. The government has arranged for the funds to be sent directly to the center where you initially registered. This streamlined process ensures that beneficiaries can conveniently receive their financial assistance from the location where they signed up for the program.


Q1: What is the Ehsaas Emergency Cash 14000 Program 2023-24?

The Ehsaas Emergency Cash 14000 Program 2023-24 is a government initiative delivering Rs. 14,000 to needy families in Pakistan for immediate financial relief.

Q2: How can I register for the Ehsaas Cash 14000 Program online?

To register for the Ehsaas Emergency Cash 14000 Program 2023-24 online:
Visit the official Ehsaas Programs website.
Follow the provided step-by-step instructions.
Ensure your CNIC record is included in the NSER survey Database for eligibility.

Q3: What are the eligibility criteria for the program?

Eligibility criteria include:
Employees in provinces and federal departments are not eligible.
Beneficiaries of Ehsaas Kafala program receiving 14,000 rupees qualify.
Specific criteria apply to disabled individuals for eligibility.

Q4: How can I check my eligibility for Ehsaas Emergency Cash 14000?

Check eligibility via SMS: Send your CNIC number to 8171 for a compliance report. Alternatively, use the Ehsaas Tracking 8171 portal.

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